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Tinh Huynh '11 is heading to University of Vermont College of Medicine this fall.

Tinh Huynh ’11

Tinh Huyuh '11 is thinking about becoming a neurosurgeon. Meanwhile he’s working as an EMT, shadowing doctors at Rhode Island Hospital, volunteering as a Big Brother—and preparing for medical school at ...

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Matt Franco

Mat Franco ’10

When Mat Franco graduated from URI with a marketing degree in 2010, his big idea was to use his new business skills to promote and advance his career as a ...

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Y.Q. Wang

Yeqiao Wang

Yeqiao Wang is fascinated by what can be learned by studying satellite images of Earth. “We usually see our world from the bottom up, but satellites allow us to interpret ...

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Sylvia Bogusz

Sylvia Bogusz ’14

Look at Sylvia Bogusz’s resume, and you might think—just another college over-achiever. Think again. Nowhere does she list her triumphs over near-fatal injuries she suffered when a drunken driver hit ...

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David Powers '14

Dave Powers ’14

For many young car enthusiasts, it’s all about the engine, the horsepower, the mechanics. But for Dave Powers '14, the big idea is in the ergonomics. “I like to tell people ...

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Geoff Cameron 2

Geoff Cameron

If former Rhody soccer player Geoff Cameron’s big idea was to play in the World Cup, then he’s going to need a new big idea. That’s because he is now ...

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Austin Demers

Austin Demers ’14

Austin Demers enrolled at the University of Rhode Island planning to become a doctor. But then she traveled to India, learned to speak Arabic, captained the URI equestrian team, and ...

Peter Covino2

Peter Covino

Peter Covino brings people together, creating communities wherever he goes. This associate professor of English and creative writing, poet, translator, and former social worker makes it look easy. It’s just ...

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Charles Rushimisha

Charles Rushimisha ’14

On the sidelines of a poultry plant in 2005, a smug supervisor told Charles Rushimisha that he would be aligning chickens on a conveyor belt at minimum wage for the ...

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Brianna Blank

Brianna Blank ’14

Journalism student Brianna Blank lost big to earn something bigger. She didn’t like the way she felt at all, and during winter break of 2012, she saw a number she never wanted ...

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Maria Briones

Maria Briones ’14

Maria Briones believes all people, no matter where they live, have a basic human right to proper sanitation and clean water. Her big idea—and her career goal—is to bring it ...

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Paul Knott

Paul Knott ’14

Paul Knott '14 enrolled at the University of Rhode Island as a worried and confused freshman, uncertain that going to school so close to his hometown was the right choice. Four ...

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Chris Davey2

Christopher Davey ’15

If Christopher Davey’s big idea was to sing the national anthem live in front of 30,000 people at one of the oldest and most venerable ballparks in the country, well, ...

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Tracy Kessler

Tracy Kessler ’97

The Alpha Xi Delta Greek Sing at URI gave Tracy Kessler ’97 her first dabble in event planning - managing everything from song selection and costumes, to rehearsals and personalities. ...

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Tara Stevens

Tara Stevens

As Tara Stevens nears completion of her doctorate at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography, she is already celebrating publication of her first book. Whales and Dolphins of Atlantic Canada and ...

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