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Sejal Lanterman

Sejal Lanterman ’05

Best known as the Plant Pro on Channel 10’s Sunday morning news program, Sejal Lanterman ‘05 is passionate about growing food, composting, and teaching people about sustainable living, and she ...

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson ’06

From the ground, anyone who’s driven through New England has seen the seemingly randomly placed stone walls running here and there under the forest canopy, and have speculated about what ...

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Andrea Osorio

Andrea Osorio ’14

Andrea Osorio’s big idea is to eventually earn her Ph.D. in accounting, become a college professor, and make the same difference in the lives of her students as her business ...

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Ying Sun

For nearly 30 years, Biomedical Engineering Professor Ying Sun has been creating biomedical devices and instruments that make the lives of ill and disabled individuals a little easier. He’s developed ...

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Alex Couture

Alex Couture ’95

Alex Couture '95 credits URI for his success at Google, where he recently completed a five-year project leading the deployment of Google’s new Publisher ad serving platform and just kicked off ...

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Kaan Yarar

Kaan Yarar

Business student Kaan Yarar has already performed service work in Africa and South America, and after graduating in May, he’ll go wherever the Peace Corp sends him. But until then, ...

Rainer Lohmann

Rainer Lohmann

Oceanography Professor Rainer Lohmann is worried about the chemical pollutants that drift into our waterways and travel around the globe in the world’s oceans, contaminating food webs and sometimes lingering ...


Komlon Soe2

Komlan Soe ’13

Uganda is one of the world’s poorest nations, and it's where Komlan Soe '13 spent last summer - the summer after his graduation from URI - traveling to rural villages ...

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Thupten Tendhar

Thupten Tendhar

Although Thupten Tendhar has been far away from his Tibetan home for most of his life, he considers himself to be one of the most fortunate Tibetans on this planet ...

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Fatemeh Akhlagk

Fatemeh Akhlaghi

With her expertise in drug development, Pharmacy Professor Fatemeh Akhlaghi’s work has the potential to not only touch millions of lives, but to change them for the better. The National ...

Tom Farragher2

Tom Farragher ’77

Tom Farragher '77 caught the reporting bug in his earliest days as a journalism major and reporter for The Good 5 Cent Cigar. From the beginning, he treated every assignment as ...

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URI Professor Paul Cohen with former student Beth McCormick

Paul Cohen

Molecular Biology Professor Paul Cohen is well-known (in a great way) for his teaching and mentorship of graduate students who have gone on be highly successful researchers, educators, and executives. ...

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Destiny Chearino

Destiny Chearino ’12, Ph.D. Physical Therapy

Destiny Chearino '12 is a doctoral student in physical therapy, but it’s in the boxing ring where she really gets physical. Considered the best female boxer in her 141-pound weight class in ...

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Andrew Gaynor

Andrew Gaynor ’98

He may never have intended to find a career in sailboat design, but life-long sailor and mechanical engineering alumnus Andrew Gaynor has essentially reached the pinnacle in the industry. He ...

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Rachel Mulvaney

Rachel Mulvaney

While middle school can be challenging for any pre-teen, try getting through seventh grade in a bulky, inflexible plastic brace wrapped so tightly around your torso that breathing is tricky ...

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