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Joseph Korzeb

Joseph Korzeb ’16

Even before he stepped foot on the URI campus, Joseph Korzeb was working to change his brain. Not through chemistry or science, but through language and experience. He has traveled the world, ...

Catherine Seman Senior Profile

Catherine Seman ’16

Whether on the volleyball court or in the classroom, Catherine Seman has been nothing less than spectacular. She has achieved great success in the classroom, earning Dean’s List honors seven ...

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Robby Delgado senior profile

Robby Delgado ’16

Robby Delgado always wanted to play football at URI. Whether he was attending games, participating in camps, or meeting the student-athletes, Robby had his mind set on playing football for ...


Sarah Ogundare

Sarah Ogundare ’16

While some students arrive at the University of Rhode Island unsure of the path their education will take, Sarah Ogundare knew global health was her destiny. “I’ve gone on mission trips ...

Ian Ross Senior Profile

Ian Ross ’16

When Ian Ross was growing up, he maintained the fish tanks in his home. From that beginning, he developed a interest that became his major and career choice.  “There’s a certain beauty ...

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Caitlin Runyon Student Commencement Speak

Caitlin Runyon ’16

Caitlin Runyon was suffering from sophomore slump when she walked through the Ram’s Den one day and saw a fellow student sitting alone in the depths of sadness. So she ...

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Kelsey Norman

Kelsey Norman ’16

From the moment Kelsey Norman visited the University of Rhode Island, she felt it was an instant fit. She made the most of her experience at what she now calls ...

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Jacob Marrocco

Jacob Marrocco ’16

Hemophilia gave Jacob Marrocco a byline, a dream job, and a life full of possibility. As a kid with a bleeding disorder, playing sports was too risky—so he picked up a ...

Gabriela Cardone

Gabriela Cardona ’16

As a 21-year-old college senior, Gabriela Cardona has done something most people never accomplish: She's already an author. Gabriela initially wrote “Ava’s Last Day of Summer," a children's book about hearing loss, ...

Ayla Fox

Ayla Fox ’11

Ayla Fox tells stories through sights and sounds. A modern day storyteller, she shares her work through digital media and owns her own film production company called Shed Light Productions. With ...

Bridget Buxton holding gold coins

Bridget Buxton

As an underwater archaeologist, Bridget Buxton is trained to search for knowledge, not sunken treasure. But her most recent expedition to Israel dug up plenty of both. When scuba divers in ...

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Omar Bah

Omar Bah ’10

Omar Bah was nearly beaten to death in a jail cell in Gambia a decade ago. His crime? Writing newspaper stories about the country’s brutal dictator. Here in America, we ...

Carrie McDonough

Carrie McDonough ’17

Carrie McDonough studies the ocean, but she also writes about it, and not just for other scientists. Through her blog—"oceanbites"—she translates complicated research into words the general public can understand. Since her first ...

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Susanne Menden Deuer

Susanne Menden-Deuer

Susanne Menden-Deuer is fascinated by plankton, even though she can’t see them with the naked eye. As is often true, the small can be mighty: These microscopic ocean creatures make our planet ...

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Taylor Ross headshot

Taylor Ross ’18

Inspired by her love for soccer and the joy it brings her, URI Women’s Soccer team player Taylor Ross, founded the nonprofit Cleats Count. Her intention: to bring joy to disadvantaged children in Ethiopia through “the ...

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