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Daven Amin

Daven Amin ’16

Graduate student Daven Amin says he likes the idea of integrating technology in novel places. Last summer he did just that, spending two months in Ghana creating an electronic survey ...

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Annie Russell

Annie Russell

Not far from the stone wall entrance to URI, shaded by pines and oaks, stands one of the most beautiful buildings on campus: The Gender and Sexuality Center. It takes ...

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Georgia Dunn ’04

Georgia Dunn has a full life—and a full house. The fine arts grad lives with her husband, toddler, infant, and three cats in rural western Rhode Island. And the cats—Puck, Lupin, ...

Peter August

Peter August

Pete August has been involved in climate change and environmental management issues in Rhode Island for several decades, so he was the natural choice when Gov. Gina Raimondo sought a ...

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Kathy Conlon

Kathy Conlon

Kathy Conlon, an academic advisor for URI's College of Business Administration, really knows what it takes to get "somewhere over the rainbow, way up high," and it has nothing to ...

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J.C. Glick

J.C. Glick ’95

Remember when drill sergeants would stand nose to nose with new Army recruits, browbeating them until they were shaking in their boots. Well, sir—and ma’am—those days are over. Today’s wars ...

Janelle Amoako

Janelle Amoako ’15

If you want to know how to prepare for a career in the complex world of health care, you might want to look at Janelle Amoako’s resume. The spring 2015 ...


CT Harry

C.T. Harry ’15

C.T. Harry gets calls from his office at all hours—responding quickly to those calls is an important part of his job. As a leader of the International Fund for Animal Welfare's marine mammal stranding ...

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Caroline Casey ’15

Caroline Casey took a leap of faith and ended up saving a life. Co-captain of the women’s volleyball team who graduated in May, she signed up for the bone marrow ...

Sergio Suhett

Sergio Suhett ’15

Sergio Suhett knows what it’s like to suffer. Growing up in Brazil, he was beaten and bullied for being gay. Those horrific attacks, even by the police, made him into ...

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Jenn Pigoga

Jennifer Pigoga ’15

Jennifer Pigoga is at home in an ambulance. As an emergency care technician, or EMT, she’s in a hurry to treat people who need help fast. Now the 22-year-old science ...

Jill Austin with her book

Jill Austin ’01

If H is for Hope and I is for the Independent Man and R is for Rocky Point, then one thing is certain: We are not in Kansas. We’re in ...

Nancy Karraker

Nancy Karraker

Nancy Karraker was born at the Grand Canyon and grew up in Yosemite National Park and Olympic National Park, so it’s no wonder that she became interested in wildlife and ...

Jessica Damicis

Jessica Damicis ’15

Before college, Jessica Damicis had never left the country. Today the 23-year-old has traveled to six countries on three continents, lived and studied in Spain, interned in Kenya, and built ...

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Bob Ballard

Robert Ballard Ph.D. ’72

If you spent much time watching television in the last few weeks, it would have been difficult to avoid seeing marine explorer and URI Oceanography Professor Robert Ballard. The man best ...

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